Monday, February 17, 2014

Competitive Team FAQs

When do we dance?

About a week prior to each competition, a schedule will be released. We will post that schedule here on the comp teams blog as well as on the FB group.

What time do we need to be at the competition?

You need to be at the competition 90 minutes before your first scheduled dance - READY TO GO. That means hair and makeup already done (you can wait to do your lips) 90 minutes prior to dance time. We use this 90 minutes to make sure the costuming looks good, get the girls warmed up, and go through their routines, ensuring they are ready to compete.

On occasion, the competitions run ahead of schedule. If you are not 90 minutes early you risk putting the entire group in danger of a ruined performance because your child is not there to dance.

Will there be a dressing room?

Each competition has a dressing room facility. America Onstage provides a large shared dressing room for all girls / separate for guys. At Clearfield we have our own assigned room in the high school where all the girls will change. The boys will have their own shared male dressing room among all the boys at the competition.

Will there be an spectator entry fee?

There is NO entry fee for Thanksgiving Point or the Dixie Spectacular. I believe there is a small entry fee for the Clearfield competition, and there is a $10 spectator fee at the Lagoon competition.

What should I do while at the competition?

Find the part of the group! The competition is a lot more fun when we are all there to support each other. A lot of our groups compete at the same time so really make sure to support each of the teams with your LOUD cheering! Please help your child listen to instructions. At times they have snack breaks between dances; at other times they have meal breaks between dances. Please don't take your child away from the venue without checking with their coach that they are free to leave. Help your child look and feel their best. Keep their lipstick fresh before each dance and their hair in tight. Help keep track of costumes and the well-being and behavior of all of our kids. :)

How do the awards work?

The awards system differs between America Onstage and Clearfield.

At America Onstage, you are being judged against a ranking bracket. Every team receives a 1st, a 2nd, or a 3rd place (just like a Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranking). 

Dancers/teams who score above 29.1 are awarded 1st place.
Dancers/teams who score between 28.7 and 29.09 are awarded 2nd place.
Dancers/teams who score between 27.0 and 28.69 are awarded 3rd place.

In addition, in the Intermediate category, there is a ranking of High Gold for teams who score 29.6 or higher out of 30. So more than 1 team will get 1st, 2nd, etc. The teams that are ranked High Gold received the highest scores in the category.

At the Clearfield competition, categories are kept small (no more than 5 per category) and teams are ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc with a true head-to-head rank. Teams who are in their own category will be judged against a bracket and will receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold ranking.

What do we do when we're done dancing?

Please pick up your medal (America Onstage) or trophy (Clearfield) BEFORE leaving for the day. At American Onstage you can do this at the awards table. At Clearfield we receive them at the end of the day. 

Thx Pt, St George, Lagoon: When you have finished your routines for the day, you are free to leave. You aren't required to stay for awards ceremony if you don't want to. America Onstage only gives 8 awards per level. We do win these special honors from time to time and it's great to have kids there to accept them, but don't feel obligated to stay to an awards ceremony hours away. THEY DO NOT ANNOUNCE INDIVIDUAL ROUTINES AT AWARDS CEREMONIES. All awards are posted on the wall so you will know your team scores within about an hour of dancing. 

Clearfield: There will be an official awards ceremony held at the end of the competition where they announce all the awards and head-to-head rankings. We do not know any results until this time. We loved having a big group stay last year and it would be great to see that again this year!

If you have additional questions, please call or text me. 435-513-0834 so I can address them and add to this list! If you are wondering...someone else probably is, too!

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