Sunday, February 16, 2014

Soloist FAQs

When will I dance?

The solo competition is held the day/evening before our team competition. So each solo competition will be held on a Friday night. The times vary but most start in the early afternoon. A schedule will post on about a week prior to the competitions in Thanksgiving Point, St George, and Lagoon. Clearfield is slightly different but I believe when you register you give them your email and that is how they communicate the schedule to you.

What do I need to do when I get there?

1. Be early. We recommend arriving 90 minutes prior to your scheduled dance time. This will give you the necessary time to warm up, stretch, review your dance, and be completely ready.

2. Turn in your music. You are responsible for bringing your own solo music to each competition. You can bring an mp3 player or a CD. I recommend using a CD that you have checked carefully for scratches but bringing a backup option, such an an mp3 player or phone. The reason I suggest a CD is because although they are capable of playing mp3 players, the help that they often have at the competitions do not handle the mp3 players well. Each one is a little different and the volume settings are different, etc. Old school is sometimes the best.

3. Get ready & check in. You need to listen for your category to be called, and when it is, you check in backstage. There will be a person with a clipboard who you need to report to so they know you're ready. At this point, they will tell you how many dancers until you, and you can spend your time going through your dance and preparing mentally to put on a great performance.

4. Perform your heart out! You are truly competing against yourself. Go out there and be a better you than you were yesterday. Improve on your technique. Connect with the judges. Put on a great show so you can walk away proud of yourself.

5. Pick up your award and judging sheets. Standard soloists will have their ranking posted on the results wall. Once your ranking is posted, you can go retrieve your trophy and judging sheets from the rewards table. DO NOT PICK UP ANYONE ELSE'S JUDGING SHEETS EXCEPT YOUR OWN. Queen soloists will have an awards ceremony at the end of the category where you will receive your reward. If you perform in the Queen category, you need to plan on staying to the awards ceremony. Do not expect someone else to pick up and take care of your trophy.

6. Don't forget your music! Grab your music from the stand, and go get some rest. Team competition is tomorrow and we need you at your best.

How do the awards work?

The awards system differs between America Onstage and Clearfield.

At America Onstage, you are being judged against a ranking bracket. Every dancer receives a 1st, a 2nd, or a 3rd place (just like a Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranking). 

Dancers/teams who score above 29.1 are awarded 1st place.
Dancers/teams who score between 28.7 and 29.09 are awarded 2nd place.
Dancers/teams who score between 27.0 and 28.69 are awarded 3rd place.

In addition, in the Intermediate category, there is a ranking of High Gold for teams who score 29.6 or higher out of 30. So more than 1 team will get 1st, 2nd, etc. The teams that are ranked High Gold received the highest scores in the category.

All Queen soloists who are awarded a 1st place receive a crown and sash in addition to their trophy. High Gold soloists receive a gold sash.


At the Clearfield solo competition, categories are kept small, with no more than 5 dancers per group. These dances are given a true "placement" inside of their category. There is a Queen or King awarded in each category, with 1st-4th Runners up. All awards are given at an awards ceremony at the end of the night so you must plan on staying to the awards ceremony at Clearfield.


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